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    Nike running shoes is the best shoes they ever made


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    Nike running shoes is the best shoes they ever made

    Post  Censisi on Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:51 pm

    But heeled feet will cause disease for a long period of time without the correct way. The damage makes the foot deformity as time passes. It is against the original intent for the shape of the beauty of high-heeled shoes. Therefore, ladies should learn to Ons correct to wear high-heeled shoes, and enjoy the glamorous high heels to create more attractive to us. Never wear nike dunk high heels
    any more since you do me? Sorting the wrong methods. This can significantly reduce your charming. Please be the t remember, humans do not invent unnecessary things for him. Maybe we can not combine beauty with perfect comfort, but we can prevent disease feet as long as we pay attention to high-heeled shoes. So we should point out these tips as follows.
    1. Do not always wear high heels the same height in general, to avoid the same place of feet often be crushed.
    2. Normally when you sit, you should bend your legs first, then gently stretch your legs and maintain this action 30 minutes. Do not raise your legs, it can make the foot relaxed.
    3. Reach the chest and stomach to accept when you walk innike high heels for women. Natural, easy and regular, do not slouch and it is unfavorable to trot and run, even up to the mountains and climbing.
    4. Pay more attention to the maintenance of the foot in normal times. Develop the habit of soaking your feet in hot water every day and massage your feet properly.
    5. If you wear shoes with heels high enough, if you pla t pay attention to the situation. Do not wear them when you slip into a bus or on foot croweded a bumpy road, because the heels are high enough for special occasions disigned, like a ball.
    6. Some special jordan heels are not for walking, they are of great importance in sex within the specified time. So it is not necessary to wear the ordinary. 7.People
    wear high heels and walk should carefully ever rest. You can tilt your toes and try to move the calf.
    8. Better not wear leather shoes barefoot, which can damage the skin of the feet.
    9. when wearing pointed high-heeled shoes, keep moveing? toes when you are free. This can relieve your feet and prevent Froe one place becomes too much hurry.
    11. Wear jordan heels
    to walk, heels have time to sink from time to time. Thus, in order not to lead to pluck excessive nail, it must be some space for the nails.
    12. The new high-heeled shoes should be a little tight, not too loose.

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