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    Emerging Markets of Nike High Heels


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    Emerging Markets of Nike High Heels

    Post  Censisi on Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:46 pm

    The origin of high heels can be dated back to many centuries ago. The first precursors of high nike jordan heels were discovered in a tomb in old Egypt. Shoes in the past mainly served as markers of gender, class, and race and so on. After centuries' development, high heels gradually become a fashion. Today let's take a look at the history of high heels.
    In 1430s people were asked to not to wear chopines (a kind of high-heels then) in Venice. As a matter of fact, the invention of formal high heels attributes to an Italian bride Catherine d'Medici who married at 14 to the Duke of Orleans. She wore shoes with two-inch heels to lengthen high heels. And then this kind of shoes was soon introduced into fashion among European aristocracy. Leonardo was said to be the inventor of high nike dunk high heels. In the late 16th century, fashionable heels were popular for both sexes, and a person who was powerful and rich was often referred to as "well-heeled".
    In the early 1700s, France King Louis wore intricate heels decorated with miniature battle scenes.
    From cute kitten heels to stiletto shoes, there are so many different styles of heels these days that it can all be quite confusing. Many are fashion fads that might be around for too long, while others are wardrobe staples that seem to keep their place in the footwear trends.
    Here is a useful guide to the different types of heels and how you can wear them.
    The high-heeles shoe - the ultimate piece of fashionable footwear - has come a long way. This shoe, which has often been a matter of discussion and debate, has not always been what we know it as today. With the passage of time, it has considerably evolved. And that is what this article seeks to study - the journey of the high-nike heels shoe till date.
    Evidence has also been found to indicate that people in Ancient Greece and Rome wore heeled shoes called 'Kothorni' or 'Buskins'. These shoes would have heels made of wood, and would be worn mainly by actors. Another evidence of the wearing of high heels in the olden times comes from Ancient Rome, during the times when prostitution was considered illegal. During this period, sex workers would wear high nike high heels for women shoes for the purpose of identification.
    In the Middle Ages in Europe, a product called 'Pattens' was largely used by males and females.

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