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    All About Women's High Heels


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    All About Women's High Heels

    Post  Censisi on Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:24 am

    Sergio Rossi was born in a small town in Italy. His father was in operation manual for the pure shoe industry. He often linger in the shop manual nike high heels of his father when he was little boy. He learned very long term by what he saw and heard at all times. It has been hand making shoes when he was still very young. On the other hand, due to the early death of his father, Sergio Rossi ad? take over the family business. He began to take on possessions when he was 14. Hower, at first, it did not start from design to production, but the expansion of the company. By the '50s, Sergio Rossi has been very familiar with the client's business.
    So during this time, he took five workers from his father to learn all sorts of trivial multi-step manufacturing of nike heels for women. Thanks to hard work, he has accumulated much knowledge on the production of shoes for women. When he was entertainment in free time, he often visited the factory finish of the shoe, which got high reputation at that time and could be called as a special plant in the footwear industry. Regardless of the skills of the shoe or the creation of design, it has all the performance. The plant management of scientific production and marketing strategy company, and identification techniques mature leather and types of advanced experience.
    Visitor experience and learining invited Sergio Rossi including cutting, sewing, united and very important links modifiedthe four shoe. Moreover, it has built a stronger foundation for itself. Opanca "nike high heels combined with the hardware accessories for diversification and the exaggeration of the shoe, which have been popular for some time. They have caused plagiarism popular at that time. German manufacturers enjoyed a lot. However, Sergio Rossi has still decided to stick to the principle of limit to the product, which show the persistence of quality and artistic.
    in the late 60's, fashion is no longer the patent for the high society. It is becoming more universal. This change also made the epochmaking fa? on business of Sergio Rossi. permeable mode was that it accepted customer orders high. He gradually released gateway screening . Meanwhile, he began to cooperate with other brands to make nike high heels for women. Since the beginning of the late Gianni Versace Genny, Giorgio Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent. They are the high fashion brands class. activities enhanced the reputation of Sergio Rossi. In 1999, the brand has become an international industry leader in footwear. There are over 380 workers in the department of the shoe. The shoe production capacity has shown over 560 000-pair.

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