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    Dress to Look Taller - What to Wear to Look Your Tallest


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    Dress to Look Taller - What to Wear to Look Your Tallest

    Post  Censisi on Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:14 am

    High heels make the wearer's heel to be higher than the toes. There are so many different styles with nike high heels on the market, particularly in the change of heels, like stiletto heels, thick heels, wedges and so on. In addition to high heels add height, the most important is that they can enhance the appeal. High heels to reduce the wake of the woman because of the gravity of the body to move backwards. In the hot summer, high heels are the elements necessary for girls. However, you can have such experiencewe feel good and happy when placed on new high heels, but walking for a while, we feel uncomfortable and a little pain in the feet. Then, when we are in pain until we returned home, we can not wait to take off the skin.
    I guess it's an experience that most girls have lived in, especially for girls wearing high heels at the first time. In fact, each pair of nike high heels have to be worn several times until they are comfortable and suitable. The following tips to help you avoid the pain of wearing high heels. The first tip: Use a wet towel on the skin within minutes of grinding parts, then use another towel to cover soft, dry feet torning place. At the same time, hit repeatedly with a hammer to hit smooth. through the steps, round leather soft and smooth, then it does not tear the feet
    second trick:. crush a newspaper and wet with a little water. But not too wet. Then use another newspaper to cover the dry wet. Move documents to the tear, and put shoes in a sealed plastic bag. Leave them in the bag for one night. The nike high heels will not tear your feet tomorrow. If the shoes are too small, then they tear your feet, you might as well cover the site with a damp towel first, then hold the big shoes with a wedge. Next time when you wear high heels, they do not tear the feet. The last tip: before you wear high heels, use a toilet soap or a candle to wipe the place. The place turns into tearing be smooth, so we treat the problem easily.
    In fact, the doctors always give advice to women wearing high heels. To stay healthy, women should choose the comfortable high heels. The heels are increasingly thick s? Rs that high heels. In addition, women need controlled time to wear high heels. The appropriate time to wear high heels should be controlled in six hours. It takes no more than 12 hours. Meanwhile, the bearer of nike high heels should pay attention to more moderate. Women work in the office, go home and break holiday it is better to wear flat shoes or shorten the time to wear high heels to let feet palm has the opportunity to rest.

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