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    Nike Zoom Pegasus 27 - Cushioning For the Masses


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    Nike Zoom Pegasus 27 - Cushioning For the Masses

    Post  Censisi on Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:17 am

    Press more powers for the new NBA season,nike heels for women Zoom Kobe VI that the news reports, the shoe will be announced December 26 in black / del Sol. The most notable change with the boot this year is that Nike has moved away from Flywire, which the Nike Zoom Kobe IV and V used as the main selling points, and seen in many versions of NBA Nike shoes. A new traction on the outsole so, the negotiation of the chevron style he used for what looks like a looser feel like a honeycomb. A teaser image
    beginning of nike heels for women Zoom Kobe VI revealed that the shoe has a color black / white logo with a white Nike logo, while the upper is made of black snake skin as a material, reflecting a Black Mamba (Kobe nickname) theme. Under the black top is the red Flywire reached through the holes in the lace to the midsole. Early leak pictures also included an expansion of the heel cup that does not seem to be present in the photos later. Fans have speculated that the heel cup could be hidden under the skin of a snake or equipment could be no heel cup to all. The shoe also includes a midsole and outsole dark gray white, with a badge of Ko on the back of the shoe. Padding is provided via nike heels for women Air Zoom exclusive material in the forefoot and heel. Sign
    that the image of Kobe in the NBA, Kobe Bryant shoes than other series, such as Jordan shoes, worn by Kobe, which before him for years. But history has rewirtten again. Since Kobe Bryant has his own shoes, every year, no? Is the introduction of the nike heels for women. Because the days of No? The field will be a clash between the two time defending NBA Champion the Los Angeles Lakers and the new look Miami Heat. New high-tech Nike Zoom Kobe VI will be a new challenge for Kobe Bryant. Maintain its status as excellent or simply add a new myth, like Nike Zoom Kobe II dream season in the 2008 Olympics Even ?

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