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    Working It In Womens Leather Shoes


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    Working It In Womens Leather Shoes

    Post  Censisi on Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:40 am

    8. Nike Air Jordan 5 High Heels. Sold: $ 100
    Pens are adorned with1, 420 diamonds. Anika Noni worn the air jordan heels for women on the event to the Oscars in 2011 and became everyone's attention.
    7. Nike Air Jordan 6 High Heels. Sold: $ 105
    Slippers come with glass rhinestones, 3 large red glass jewels, and bugle beads decorating. When it was sold at auction, the price was $ 666 000
    6. Nike Air Jordan 7 High Heels. Sold: $ 100
    It comes with a golden color, adorned with 100 carats of diamonds. Diablo Cody brought this pair of pumps in case of an Oscar in 2011.
    5. Nike Air Jordan 8 High Heels. Sold: $ 100
    Pens come with 464 diamonds to make the shoes look flawless. Laura Harring wore nike heels for women
    to the event Oscar in 2011.
    4. Nike Air Jordan 11 High Heels, Sold: $ 100
    It comes with 642 rubyoval and round at a time. It also comes in the design of platinum.
    3. Nike Air Jordan 13 High Heels. Sold: $ 100
    Shoes are both working Weitzman and Le Vian. It is decorated with diamonds 28 carats and 185 carats of tanzanite. The nike heels are decorated with 595 carats of diamonds in platinum.
    2. Nike Dunk SB High Heels. Sold: $ 105
    It comes with sapphires, diamonds, rubies and decoration. It was worn first by Rita Hayworth. This is where nike heels for women
    got their name.
    1. Nike Dunk SB Low Heels. Sold: $ 3,000,000
    It comes adorned with jewels 4600 1350 carats. It was used by Judy Garland. Having shoes could be the dream of every woman, but would they buy one of these nike heels for women
    and keep them in closets?

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