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    Air Force 1 Bespoke By Erik Senders


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    Air Force 1 Bespoke By Erik Senders

    Post  Censisi on Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:01 am

    Jordan 6 Ringsnike heels for women and feet of the entire system Shoe and foot the whole system is mainly refers to the internal structure of the shoe, the shape and structure and shape of the corresponding human foot. In articular, the deformation characteristics of the movement of the foot and push off and landing? Ons different, so the forces in different parts of footwear, an important feature of sport and the human personality. Moreover, in order to exercise more vigorous kicks, landing pad on foot when the pressure is smaller, nike heels for women system shock is often more complex, but this increase is easy to increase the height of the sole, which makes the shoes, the stability of the foot between the fall so that the foot by sports injuries. Finally, exercise also affects the temperature inside the shoe comfort of the athletes as the foot movement of the release of large amounts of heat and sweat, the general movement of the foot about 15 ml per hour, sweat produced, strenuous exercise, the foot at a time The sweat produced about 30 ml.
    nike heels for women is the must-have basketball in the 1990s, but what happens to the Space Jam now The LA Times breaks down what makes the $ 175 shoe so desirable: So what goes into making the tuft of patent leather, plastic and cloth called Style Code :136046-041 "for highly anticipated and coveted worthy The story begins in 1985 with the original nike heels for women
    1, Michael Jordan red and black shoes, basketball high-top whose color system has earned them a ban for violating the NBA color league uniform policies governing the NBA fined Jordan .

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