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    **official trails tutorial thread**

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    **official trails tutorial thread**

    Post  glub on Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:00 am

    need help with trails post it here

    the perfect location for your jumps is a place that is:
    out of the way from ANYONE - you dont want people destroying your jumps, complaining to the council (if not on your land) or telling their mates about them so that the jumps you have worked hard on get riden to destruction by un-welcome riders.
    flat or slightly sloped- bumpy ground isnt nice to ride on and will create alot of time consuming work
    made from nice dirt- you dont want somewhere that is very stoney ect. (more about types of dirt later)
    large- its always nice to have alot of space to get creative with.
    also, if you find somewhere with a potential roll in, you are in luck. a roll in means you don't have to pedal at the jumps, you can just roll down the hill/mound at the jumps.

    spade- the most used tool at any jump spot. used to shift dirt about. long handles versons are best and save your back.
    shovel- like a spade, but has a flat base. its very important to have a spade with a flat base because this tool is used to shape the jumps.
    pick axe- great for loosening dirt, especially rocky dirt. also good for removing unwanted roots.
    fork-also used to loosen hard dirt
    wheel barrow- very usefull. transports large quantities of dirt from a to b. i highly recomend metal ones, my plastic one hasn't got long to live.
    watering can- dry dirt is hard to work with, watering cans are great for maintanence on hot/dry days. ones with the sprinkler type nose are the best. if you have access to a hose, this is obviously better.
    rake- good for moving unwanted stones out the way of your jumps. mostly used after building a jump.
    broom- used for sweeping dust of the jumps and dug outs. dust sucks, fresh swept trails are faster and smoother
    bucket- god for water colection, can be used in your drainage system (see drainage section when i write it)
    shears- if you have trees around you jumps, you may need to cut them back every so often. you may even need a saw for any branches
    wooden boards- thin boards are more apropriate. used when the trails are wet and muddy. place ontop of the sticky/slippy mud for a temporary solution. although, i wouldnt recomend riding your jumps in the wet. they will quickly form ruts
    digger- the king of trail tools. if you can get one of theese down to your trails you are very lucky. i think the average hiring rate is around �100-200 per day, dont quote me on that.
    you may also want
    Shacks- mainly for winter. keeps you dry if it starts pissing down you can put bags underneath it bikes,seats,bbq's etc. Plus its just a nice place to have next to a line so people can sit there and watch, fix bikes etc

    Locks- Used to lock your tools to trees so they dont get thefted by little apples or minibikers to build their ooooooh! tracks. Best to lock them up out of sight so quite hard for other people you dont like to find.

    Radio- Prefeably dewalt radio because they are off the hook. Nice to have when your digging riding at jams etc.

    Megaphone- this is a must especially at jams so you can hurl abuse at people such as buster backshell flip flip flip and encouragement. Good to have if you are digging too, hurl abuse at ferrets from long distances if they are slacking and not digging enough.

    have i missed a tool? let me know

    trail planning
    once you have a decent location and all your tools, dont just start digging randomly, think about where you want the jumps to go (if you have trees, you have to make the trails go around them, don't be cutting trees down.) first plan where the run up will be and make sure its longer than needed (incase you choose to make the jumps bigger later) build you 1st jump after the run up, not just randomly in the middle of your location. also plan where you are going to dig for dirt. the sides of the location will probably be the best place for this
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    Re: **official trails tutorial thread**

    Post  mayzy on Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:31 am

    way to copy&paste

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    Re: **official trails tutorial thread**

    Post  glub on Tue Oct 27, 2009 12:41 pm

    [quote="mayzy"]way to copy&paste

    [hi-5][/quote glad you liked it


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    Post  qwe123456 on Mon Sep 19, 2011 9:19 pm

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    Re: **official trails tutorial thread**

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